Windows 10 Refresh & Reset Easily

Launch the Device Manager program by pressing the Windows + R hotkeys. Under Playback, select your active speaker. Recover corrupted files from the computer, USB hard drive, memory card effectively, safely, and completely. To open Device Manager on your system, go to the Start menu and look for “Device Manager”.

If the option is grey, you can’t do anything about it. Press Win + X button to open the Start menu and choose Device Manager from the menu. Finally, make sure to reinstall any app that was previously available on your computer . Under the “Devices and drives” section, double-click the storage with the file backup. Turn on the Data drives toggle switch to erase the Windows 10 installation drive and any other storage drive connected to your computer.

If you are using earlier driver branches of the affected products, upgrade to a supported driver branch that contains the update as listed in the tables for Windows and Linux. While Windows 11 22H2 is currently in testing and its commercial release is still weeks away, chipmakers like Intel have decided to update their drivers early. Intel has rolled out an update for its graphics driver with support for Windows 11 version 22H2, which is set to launch later this year. A recent NVIDIA driver update promises to reduce latency for competitive Call of Duty gamers through their NVIDIA Reflex system. And AMD’s recent driver update for industry professionals includes support for high-res video capture and streaming. Your graphics driver is responsible for everything you see on your screen — without it, your OS can’t tell your graphics card what kind of images to create.

Delete unnecessary files

Now you will see the Realtek High Definition Audio in the taskbar (If you still do not see then check if Microsoft’s pre-installed drivers are causing the issue). Microsoft expanded the rollout of Windows 11 to more hardware this week, but it’s not come without issue. Many people running the new OS have reported device crashes, with the infamous blue screen of death often making an appearance. If a driver update is available, you will be given the option to update the driver. Click the Update Driver to install the latest driver update.

  • This software will automatically download and install all latest Intel CPU drivers.
  • This method is available when your PC can still boot properly.
  • It’s also wise to install it for your personal and home accounts.
  • This means older processors are now on extended/legacy support and they will only get bug fixes.

While you may not use it as your primary browser, uninstalling it can cause crashes. If you have problems with Realtek audio driver, you can try to manually install it. If this does not fix the problem, you can use the Sound Device and then double-click the ‘Playing Audio’ option. Then, you can choose the correct driver for Windows 10.

Check Audio Muted/ Low Volume Levels

The blue screen of death indicates that your Windows operating system has completely crashed, and all you can do is restart your PC. We even tried this shortcut while playing a PC game. The game kept running properly after we used the shortcut. That’s because Windows just restarts the graphics subsystem. All your applications are left alone and will continue running normally.

Without these drivers, most of your computer functions will fail. So generic audio drivers are one kind of drivers that are used to get audio output from your computer. These are provided by the hardware manufacturer and are installed with the hardware. Without the sound drivers, the hardware will either not work at all or work with limited capabilities. Driver conflicts are the most common causes of “no sound” problems.

Press Windows + S to launch the search menu of your start bar. Type “system” in the dialogue box and select the first item which returns in the result. After starting the processes , check if the problem at hand got solved. If it didn’t, consider restarting your PC and check again. Also, make sure that all these services are set to start as “Automatic”. Now make sure that the following services are in the running state.

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