After the installation is complete, restart your computer and then install the NVIDIA driver you downloaded previously from NVIDIA Advanced Driver Search. You will now be running an older NVIDIA driver for Windows 11. I recently had the windows 10 update for new features and nvidia driver update before these 2 events everything was fine. Although it might take some time to work after installing, restarting it will help the system run and make any needed changes. If any of these are not an issue and it is driver-related, then here are some solutions.

  • Now from the list, find unnecessary bloatware or apps that you will not use and remove them immediately.
  • Most motherboards will come with a CD that has the drivers stored on it.
  • When sound goes out, the problem can often have a simple solution, such as restarting the sound driver.

All pieces of hardware require a driver, from your internal computer components, such as your graphics card, to your external peripherals, like a printer. Just remember, if your audio stops working, be sure to check your audio settings first. Audio settings can be accidentally changed, and you definitely want the correct audio device set to default. Keep your drivers updated, and the correct audio device selected.

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However, in some cases, the site may have an option to scan your computer to determine which drivers are out of date. You might encounter a couple of restarts along the way, so don’t interrupt them. Just let the installation process do its job until it is finished completely.

As shown below, an “X” next to the virtual speaker icon means your audio is muted. Simply click the speaker button to expand the volume panel. You’ll find that most of the time, this does the job and Windows will be able to reinstall the Realtek HD Audio Codec driver without requiring any further input from you. But, occasionally, it’s not quite that simple, which is where this handy guide will come in helpful. Next, increase the volume to a higher level and check if the sound issue has been resolved on your Windows 11 PC.

Update graphics drivers using Windows Update on Windows 7

But after switching a dozen of various video cards in one system I had to remove them all manually in safe mode. After conducting our tests, we decided to choose the latest stable version for installation by default if no arguments are given to nvidia-driver-update. This version supports all the latest NVIDIA RTX cards and also includes all performance optimizations. After a moment, you should see a list of graphics drivers available for your computer. Select the radio button beside the newest or recommended version of the “NVIDIA driver”.

It’s important to mention that you can use this tool to uninstall AMD drivers and any other type of GPU drivers, so be sure to give it a try. Having the latest drivers installed on your Windows 10 PC is crucial if you want to ensure maximum performance and stability. Head to the Nvidia or AMD’s official website, search the model of your GPU, and then download the latest drivers that come up. After installing your new GPU on your motherboard, it’s time to install the latest GPU driver.

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Keeping your chipset drivers updated is much more important, as are up-to-date graphics drivers if you have a dedicated graphics card. If your computer is working fine, i.e. if you do not have any issues with your audio, CPU performance, or storage, then you do not have to update your motherboard drivers. But it is still a good idea to download and install them, especially the chipset ones as they may improve the performance of your system. Audio and storage drivers are not necessary if you are not experiencing issues.