If you’re standing in front of a jet engine when a plane takes off, you’re going to perceive the sound as much louder than someone who hears the same sound a mile away. This is because volume is about perception, and perception of sound is usually based on proximity to a sound source and how easily the sound waves can be captured by the listener. One important thing to note about microphone sensitivity is that there is no way to increase or decrease sensitivity after a sound has been recorded.

  • Of course, just because it’s designed to work well with iOS devices doesn’t mean it won’t work well with others.
  • While some mic issues cannot be solved without the help of a professional, others are caused by simple problems such as dust build-up and poor positioning.
  • Work your way up until you can no longer hear any unnecessary background noise.
  • It’s here you’ll set the bitrate for your audio and video, along with your encoding method and recording options.

Tick the box saying Push to Talk if you want Discord to broadcast your audio only when you press a specific button. You can customize it by clicking on Edit Keybind and choosing your preferred button. Tick the box saying Voice Activity if you want Discord to broadcast your audio whenever it picks up a sound.

Windows Settings

That was a lot of information, so let’s do a quick recap. Discord is a value-packed platform with a wide range of features and settings, but luckily, its customizable interface makes it pretty user-friendly once you get started. Streamer mode is essentially Discord’s way of protecting its users from potential leaks of their sensitive information. Imagine that you’re sharing your screen with dozens or hundreds of people in your server when you get a text notification at the top of your screen. Well, everyone watching your stream has just seen it, and those with potentially harmful intentions can even screenshot and distribute your personal business on or off the platform. When you begin using Discord you’ll quickly notice it’s a great place for using gifs and animations.

So, what do I think about the ModMic Wireless overall? Well, I believe that Antlion has created a unique product that has much more upside than it does downside. Antlion also provides buyers with a snap-lock bag that contains a magnetic base, two sets of adhesives, a cable anchor, and an alcohol wipe.

Microphone Test

Or, to make it easier, just hold your option key while clicking the notification pane icon to turn notifications off in a tap. It actually works on any Mac from your menubar, too. That’s great for most group calls where you’re silent the majority of the time.

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Find the “Windows Audio” service and right-click it. Alternatively, you can select “Stop” and then right-click it again and select “Start”. Windows Audio service manages audio for Windows-based programs. If this service is stopped, audio devices and effects will not function properly.

The receiver measures in at about 4.5cm and has three rubber indicators on it. These rubber indicators light up in correspondence to the microphone. Here we have an image of the accessories that come included in the WAVE 1 packaging check mic. There’s the USB-C to USB-A cable and the boom arm adapter. It should also be noted that WAVE 1 comes with a quick-start guide to make setup really easy. The final side of the box is a simple image of WAVE 1, and it shows the dimensions and weight of the microphone.